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I’m a writer in New York. With Dana Jaye Cadman, I curate Banquet Reading Series in Brooklyn (one Saturday a month at Greenpoint Heights). Sign up for our mailing list if you’d like more information.

In 2012, I won the Jacobson Short Story and the Vandewater Poetry Awards from Ohio State University and my poem “Past Tense Versions” was anthologized in Chorus: A Literary Mixtape (MTV Books). In 2013, I won the Roorbach Award in Creative Nonfiction from Ohio State, the Arthur Rense Prize from The Academy of American Poets and entered the Poetry and Translation MFA at Columbia University. In 2014, one of my poems is forthcoming in New Poetry from the Midwest (New American Press) and my manuscript Useful Geometries was a finalist for Salt Hill Journal’s Deadlake Chapbook Prize.


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 (F) = Fiction  |  (P) = Poetry | (N) = Non-Fiction