Joshua Kleinberg
is a creative writer and teacher based in Miami.

Here he is giving a lecture…

“Adventurous plot is kind of a lizard-brain thing; it’s a more ravenous pursuit than the literary. The particular flavor of ‘tingle in the spine’ that is literary fiction‘s best quality is the feeling of communion that jumps you when you finally read something you’d already known—but never in words. With literary fiction, the best quality creative writing is a conversation across time. A conversation between two people who understand each other, if only glancingly.”

…and here he is reading some poems.

“Every time you write a poem that isn’t a villanelle,

you are rejecting the pertinence of the villanelle form.

By disliking dubstep, one implicitly votes

for a world in which dubstep doesn’t exist.

Fabulous dreams are an argument against

whatever you do with your days.

It’s a well-known fact that most stars are satellites

and most satellites wish they were rock, still.

When you are sad your eyelids gain mass.

If you cry hard enough, you do not need to shower.

.9% of smokers die every year, which means

you’re pretty much definitely not getting past

a hundred and eleven (if you smoke).

Beats headphones by Dre sound like

farts in a Folgers can.

The world was not made for this many people.

It was made for this guy I know, Devin.”

This is his résumé…

Teacher • Creative • Writer 
 Adjunct English Professor • Miami Dade College 
• Miami International University of Art & Design • Jul. 2018 – Ongoing 
Develop curriculum; plan and execute lectures and class activities; teach up to six classes and evaluate up to 1,300 pages of student writing per semester; advise students on grammar, usage, rhetoric, essay development, literature & literary history, career & education paths and technical aptitudes; and maintain a supportive and rigorous classroom environment at the largest and most diverse public college in the United States and at an urban design institute with a primarily international student body. 
Contributor • The Real Deal • Jan. 2017 – Jul. 2018 
Pitch and report complex stories on commercial and residential development for the South Florida arm of a real estate industry news magazine with over 13 million annual readers, with special focuses on the differing approval processes across a variety of municipal governments and on city hall proceedings relating to individual proposals. 
Founder/Senior Editor • Millennium Editorial • May 2015 – Ongoing  Founded and grew a boutique editorial agency to provide copywriting, copyediting, developmental editing and design services to businesses, NGOs, nonprofits and private authors. End clients have included The United Nations Capital Development Fund, New York City’s Bryant Park Corporation, The Better Than Cash Alliance, Universum Global, real estate brokers & developers, novelists and more. 
Managing Editor • American Luxury • Apr. 2016 – Jan. 2018 
Identify, source, assign and copyedit luxury real estate, auto, boating, art and tech industry news at a daily blog for high-net-worth individuals with over half a million annual readers. 
Editorial Assistant • South Florida Sun Sentinel • Jan. 2017 – Jul. 2017 Compile and edit an accurate master schedule of all Broward County and Palm Beach County high school sports events for publication in a newspaper with over 175,000 daily readers, research and write daily sports briefs and occasional longer pieces in AP Style based on interviews with coaches, Athletic Directors and athletes, manage and submit content using FTP software and CCI Newsdesk. 
Columbia University • 2017 • M.F.A. Writing • 4.0 gpa ‣ Curator • 2013-2015 • Banquet Reading Series • Brooklyn, NY 
‣ Dean’s Fellow • 2013-2014 • Public Programming • New York, NY 
UC San Diego • 2016 • Certif. Copyediting • 4.0 gpa 
Ohio State University • 2013 • B.A. English • 3.8 major gpa ‣ Marketing Intern • 2011 • Wave Books • Seattle, WA 
‣ Editorial Assistant • 2010 • The Journal (OSU graduate-run literary journal) 
‣ 4x English Dept. Honoree • Jacobson Short Story Prize, Burkhardt-Roorbach Award in
Nonfiction, Vandewater Poetry Award, Academy of American Poets Arthur Rense Prize

…and here are some notes from a class visit.

“Class climate is comfortable and jovial,”

Offering honest feedback

with wit and enthusiasm

“empathetic to multiple perspectives.”

“All students are immediately engaged.”

encourages all students to contribute.”

In-class visitation notes for Professor Joshua Kleinberg

If you need a creative writer, editor, copywriter, web designer or teacher, perhaps you’d like to hire him.

His email address is
kleinberg [at] hey [dot] com

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