Joshua Kleinberg
is a writer, editor, marketer and teacher.

Here he is giving a lecture…

“Adventurous plot is kind of a lizard-brain thing; itโ€™s a more ravenous pursuit than the literary. The particular flavor of ‘tingle in the spine’ that is literary fiction‘s best quality is the feeling of communion that jumps you when you finally read something youโ€™d already knownโ€”but never in words. With literary fiction, the best quality creative writing is a conversation across time. A conversation between two people who understand each other, if only glancingly.”

Here is one of his marketing project proposals…

…and here is some of his copywriting and front end web design in action.

If you need a creative writer, editor, copywriter, web designer or teacher, perhaps you’d like to hire him.

His email address is
kleinberg [at] hey [dot] com

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